Budget Friendly New Designs, custom handmade buckles **quality assured**

The cost of handmaking buckles is like anything else. Materials and labor. If either can be reduced, the cost can be lowered. This is a new design I will be offering. These buckles are made by hand, by Michael Pardue, in Midland Texas, using the same materials as my other work, sterling, copper, Heavy steel, and a caustic blue finish. Labor costs are cut as the amount of time to engrave is greatly reduced.  These buckles will be offered in several buckle shapes. They will feature a stripe design, initials, and brands, and some castings can be added. As always special messages can be added to the back side. These make a very nice-looking buckle, you will be proud to own. Call or email today to get one for yourself. 

Custom handmade belt buckles, still made one at a time, in Midland Texas, by buckle maker Michael Pardue