Handmade Buckles

The Urban dictionary defines the word “Badass” as follows.

“Badass” The epitome of the American male. He radiates confidence in everything he does, whether ordering a drink, buying a new car, or dealing with women. Slow to anger, but brutal when the need to fight arises. An individual who carves his own path, uninfluenced by fads, or advertising campaigns.

“Its a well known fact, Badasses wear badass buckles, by Michael Pardue…….Buckles proudly worn by badasses worldwide.

Butch Day, President, American badass association.

15 inch Ranger buckles fully engraved rope edge

Custom handmade buckles are sure to become a treasured item, a piece that will last a life time, and passed on with pride.

Before starting your project, there are a few things to think about, and which Michael will need to know.

What size belt will this buckle fit?

What shape or style of buckle do you prefer?

What materials are you interested in?

Diamond W

                                 The ordering process

Please feel free to contact Michael via email or phone,  he will be glad to visit with you, answer questions, and offer insight and advice on your idea and projects.

After getting your information and ideas, a paper drawing will be made. This will give an idea of how your buckle will look. After looking over drawings, if something is not just right, corrections can be made. 

Once the drawing is to the satisfaction of the customer, and maker, a 1/2 down deposit is required. 

When deposit is received, your order will be printed out, and added to the work orders. Wait time varies. 

20 year anniversary<br > 9 11 tribute buckle

Final payment is due upon completion of the project, upon receipt of payment, your project will be shipped. USPS is used for domestic shipping, insurance is not included, but will be purchased if you would like to do so. 

Pattern 221

Makers mark and special message cut in buckle back

1 inch 3 piece set steel sterling
Silver Buckle
Silver trophy buckle <br >Custom Ranch brand
Matt H Buckle
Bucking Horse