Custom “old school” Trophy Buckles

<strong><em>Copper longhorn<em><strong>

Trophy buckles can be made in many shapes and materials.  Below you will find several example. Nothing says cool like Old school…….handmade vintage style not seen much in todays world. I take pride in my work, you can take pride in knowing you have a fine piece or art work.  Your assurance of quality for handmade buckles. 

<strong><em>Back side of above buckle<em><strong>
<strong><em>Copper with picture frame<em><strong>

I make a wide variety of Trophy style buckles, I pride myself on making classic ” Old School” style buckles. The classic vintage look of years gone by is something missing in many of todays buckles. These buckles have a vintage look and feel to them, simple designs, cleanly executed and something you will be proud to own.

<strong><em>Back side of buckle above<em><strong>
<strong><em>Hippies and Cowboys<em><strong>
<strong><em> Dress buckle<em><strong>
Steel copper silver custom ranch buckle
911 Tribute buckle
Never Forget
Silver buckle lariat rope border Ranch brand
Backside of above Buckle
Custom brand buckle
Copper picture frame with stones