Items for sale..

Welcome to my online store. I will be listing items for sale here from time to time.

Please note, I am NOT amazon. I like old school…..That being said, to purchase an item, give me a call 432-894-7600. Several payment options are available.

The items listed here are one of a kind items. Most of my work is custom pieces for customers. These are pieces I just wanted to build…..things that I like. I hope you will find these unique items to your liking as well.

Silver Box Buckle.
Silver Box Buckle back
Copper scroll overlays.

This Is a ” Match box” style buckle. This is formed from a single piece of 14 gauge German silver. I made the copper longhorn by sand casting. The copper Texas has crushed Kingman Turquoise inlay, fully engraved.

The top and bottom sides of this buckle have copper scroll overlays.

This Buckle is priced at 700.00

This Matchbox buckle is made from 14 gauge steel. The Sterling longhorn, I made by sand casting. The buckle has copper overlay scrolls top and bottom. Fully engraved and finished in caustic blue finish. This is a very nice piece, This buckle will fit up to a 1.5 wide belt.

This Buckle is priced at 850.00

Steel Box Buckle.
Copper overlays
Copper overlay